Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Relief: Floral Tiles

The Three Types of Relief:

There are three different types of relief. These include low, high, and sunken relief. Low relief is when material is added to the surface, but with very little height, such as a coin. High relief is when material is added to the surface, with a lot of height, so that the piece looks 3-D from the front. An example of this are ancient wall designs and sculptures. Sunken relief is when material is carved out or removed from the surface. My piece is considered sunken relief.

Medium & Method of Finishing:

For this project, I chose to use clay as the medium. I chose clay, because I was mimicking the design on my bedspread, and I knew that It would turn out the most accurate, and precise if I used such a pliable material, such as clay.  First, I drew a full size drawing of my piece on a large piece of paper, that I then cut out into the four tiles. Next, I started using the clay, so, I rolled out four slabs and cut them into squares. Then, I laid the corresponding paper drawing over the tile, and traced on the lines, so that I had an idea of where the lines and flowers would be once I started cutting into the clay. Next, I using multiple tools to carve out parts of the clay surface, which created the different shapes and designs. It was then fired. One bisque-ware, I glazed it with different colors, that would match the colors on my bedspread. Lastly, it was fired a final time.

Thoughts on the Final Product:

For the most part, I am pretty proud of my piece. I am especially proud of the texture, size, and overall design of my piece. However, there are a couple of things I would change about it. For example, I would use brighter colors that were closer to the ones on my bedspread. I would also make it a little bit thinker, so it would be less fragile and prone to breaking.

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