Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project 1: Vessels

My Vessel 

          For my vessel project, I created a circular box. I used clay to do this, which turned out well, because it is solid, and relatively sturdy. I chose clay because I knew these properties and that it would come out with a smooth, even surface. When I made this box, I didn't have a specific intention as to what I would hold in it, however, you could hold anything from water to jewelry to candy. 

How I made it

The underside of the lid has a pink
heart with a yellow background!
              First, I chose a ball of clay and rolled it out into a long strip. I then cut this into a long rectangle, with angled ends, that were long enough to overlap the other edge when it was wrapped into a circle. Then, I cut out a circle, that was the same thickness and the walls of the box. next, I created a circle of the same size that was a little thinner for the lid. Next, I scored and slipped the bow walls to the bottom, and attached a little know to the lid of the box. In addition, I initialized the lid and bottom of the box. It was then fired once, and became bisque ware. Next, I sanded it down to make it even more smooth, and glazed it with a bright yellow color and a light pink. Lastly, it was fired a last time to melt and finish the glaze. 

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